Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Rises on Mac

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Rises on Mac

Have you ever wanted to end up being an unstoppable cyborg ninja and slice through everything in your path? Well, if that holds true, you're in luck, because the fancy, stylish, unstoppable-cyborg-ninja video game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be making its way to Mac tomorrow thanks to publisher TransGaming. ...

Official iPhone 6 Plus Reviews Report 1 GB RAM

Earlier today, a screenshot from iPhone tracking app System Status recommended Apple's larger iPhone 6 Plus may be limited to ...

PayPal Launches Ad Subtly Attacking Apple for Recent iCloud Photo Leak

Following the unveiling of Apple Pay recently, PayPal has gone on the offensive, getting a full page ad in The ...

iOS 8: How To Add Widgets to Notification Center

One of the locations that Apple has opened in iOS 8 is access to Alert Center-- as in access for ...

Post Office Closings

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Surgeon Simulator Developer Teams Up with Amplify to Teach Algebra Skills

Twelve a Dozen is the first of several academic video games that education start-up Amplify plans to release ...

Apple: majority of OS X users are safe from Bash bug

Earlier today, we reported on a newly-discovered security vulnerability, nicknamed 'Shellshock', that might influence UNIX-based operating systems including Linux, Mac ...

Apple Announces Apple Pay, New iCloud Prices and iOS 8 Release Date

Apple simply did not announce its brand-new iPhone designs and smartwatch on Tuesday, the company also revealed its ...

Apple Hires Senior Gap Marketer as Director of Global Marketing Communications

Apple is continuing to make hires from the retail/fashion industry, most recently handling Marcela Aguilar, former senior international director of ...

Mullah Tweets Fatwas

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Panic's 'Transmit' File Management App Coming to iOS 8 With App Extension Support

Panic, the business behind the popular file management app Transmit for Mac, has plans to bring Transmit to iOS in ...

Adobe Elements 13 introduces new features for novice Photoshop users

Adobe has actually presented a new variation of its consumer-level image editing software application: Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, which includes ...

Older iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Models Still Lead Apple's iOS Device Lineups in Usage

As Apple prepares to introduce its brand-new iPhone 6, the iPhone 5 continues to be the company's most popular model ...
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