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I have provided iOS 7 a great deal of hate this morning– simply since I dislike its icons– so I thought it was about time I revealed it some love. It may not look the very best, but the next-generation of iOS is packed filled with awesome new functions that need to considerably enhance the user experience.

A lot of those were detailed during Apple’s keynote at WWDC the other day, however some got neglected. So right here’s ten remarkable functions in iOS 7 that did not get a reference at the event.

Notification Sync

Finally! This is an excellent addition to iOS 7. With Alert Sync, you’ll not have to trawl with the very same alerts on numerous iOS devices, because when you’ve actually read them on your iPhone, they’ll automatically be marked as kept reading your iPad– and vice versa.

Turn-by-Turn Strolling Directions


Maps doesn’t simply offer you with voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation in the car now, but likewise when you are on foot. Just pick the strolling directions icon when preparing a course.

Night Mode for Maps


Turn-by-turn walking directions are not the only improvement in Maps, either. Apple has also added a new Night Mode, which will suggest Maps is simpler on your eyes when you are driving in the dark. Exactly what’s even more, it’s automatic, so when your iPhone recognizes it’s night time, it will pack the darker theme all by itself.

Scan To Get Passbook Passes

You can now scan QR codes to quickly include digital cards, passes, and coupons to Passbook.

FaceTime Audio Calls


FaceTime does not simply support video calling any longer, however also good old voice calls, too. This is fantastic if you run out the country and you want to make free calls over Wi-Fi, however you don’t desire any individual to see your ugly, sunburnt face.

Flickr & Vimeo Integration


Facebook and Twitter integration has been joined by Flickr and Vimeo in iOS 7. You can sign into your Flickr and Vimeo account inside the Settings app, and then it’s very quick and simple to upload images and videos from from your video camera roll and cds.

Customizable Subtitles

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 15.31.08

You can now tailor the subtitles received supported motion pictures and TV shows within the accessibility settings. Apple provides 3 default options, but if you want to, you can produce your very own, picking your very own font, its size, and its color.

Spotlight From Any Home Screen


Spotlight no longer has its own page on your house screen. Instead, you merely swipe down on any home screen to access the search box. Do not swipe below the top or you’ll simply get Alert Center– try swiping down from the center of the display instead.



In iOS 7, your gadget can use its built-in sensors to provide you with an inclinometer, which is why the new Compass app has a level built in.

‘Activity’ Stream In Photos & Shared Photo Streams


Inside your Photos app, there’s a new ‘Activity’ stream under the ‘Shared’ area that offers you with updates on all your photos. You can see the number of images you’ve actually taken today, who’s included pictures to your shared Picture Streams, and who’s left remarks or likes.

In addition to this, you can now submit images and videos to shared Picture Streams that you’ve actually been welcomed to.