In between July 2012 and June 2013, 20 % of Apple’s consumers originated from the Android os and 7 % of Samsung’s brand-new clients during the time duration switched from an iOS device, according to a new report from CIRP.

The bulk of iPhone purchases originated from customers who formerly possessed an iPhone, with 42 % of consumers already in Apple’s environment. The same is true for Samsung, with 43 % of previous Android customers choosing to stick with the Android platform.

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Both companies attracted previous fundamental phone users, though Samsung drew in a good deal more at 37 % vs. Apple’s 26 %. New phone purchasers were more likely to choose a Samsung phone.

When taking into consideration only customers who changed brand names, 33 % of Apple’s brand-new clients originated from Samsung, while just 11 % of Samsung’s new consumers originated from Apple. Samsung brought in more clients from HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, while Apple gathered more BlackBerry users.
The research likewise found that customers who purchased iPhones tended to be younger than those who purchased Samsung phones. 69 % of those that purchased an iPhone were in between the ages of 18 and 34 compared with just 64 % of Samsung purchasers. Apple purchasers had a slightly greater earnings, with 38 % reporting an earnings over $75,000 compared with 29 % of Samsung buyers. 48 % of Apple buyers likewise had an university degree, compared to 32 % of Samsung buyers.

CIRP’s data comes from 4 quarterly studies between July 2012 and June 2013, and with each study, 500 topics who bought a smart phone in the preceding 90 days were queried.