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Looks like a jailbreak theme, but it’s not.

A lot of cutting-edge ideas for iOS get introduced in the jailbreak neighborhood. Hackers and developers dabble around with Apple’s software and create brand-new methods to gain access to settings or multitask. And then Apple comes and gets rid of (or sherlocks) those ideas with its own take in a future iOS launch. It occurs every year without fail. 2013 and iOS 7 are no various.

Here are some popular jailbreak fine-tunes that Apple has actually rendered obsolete with iOS 7:

Auxo – eliminated by Control Center and multitasking

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.37.42 PM

Auxo is one of the most popular iOS 6 jailbreak tweaks ever. It brought life to an uninteresting and out-of-date app switcher. Not just can you see live previews of running apps, however system toggles are readily available for rapidly accessing things like WiFi and Bluetooth. In iOS 7, Control Center now offers Settings toggles. While Control Center is not really as adjustable as Auxo’s toggle setup, it still eliminates the requirement for such a tweak in most people’s minds.

Multifl0w – eliminated by mulitasking


Multifl0w is an old but classic jailbreak tweak from iOS 4. It turned the app switcher into the interactive card layout that iOS 7 now utilizes. Apple can have likewise obtained much of its application from webOS, however Multifl0w preceded.

SBSettings – gotten rid of by Control Center


One of the most commonly made use of, popular, and oldest jailbreak tweaks of all time has been laid to rest with iOS 7. SBSettings has actually been around forever offering jailbreakers fast access to Settings toggles. A programmable motion summons SBSettings from the status bar. In iOS 7, Control Center provides almost the exact same functionality.

DeepEnd – killed by parallax

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 2.22.51 PM

One of the trippiest parts of iOS 7 is the 3D parallax effect that occurs when you relocate your iPhone’s House screen around in your hand. It develops this separate visual layer in between app icons and the wallpaper. The outcome is a 3D allusion that provides some much required depth in the flat world of iOS 7.

An old jailbreak tweak called DeepEnd has actually done this for ages. And a new tweak called 3DBoard also produces an extremely comparable impact.

Clockify – killed by Clock app


This is a basic feature, however still worth noting. The Clock icon in iOS 7 now informs the actual time. It’s no longer a fixed icon, like Weather condition. (For some reason Apple decided not to put live weather conditions in the iOS 7 Weather app. Maybe next time.)

Numerous jailbreak tweaks have actually provided live app icons in iOS for some time. Clockify was one that animated the stock Clock icon.

UnlockFX – killed by lock animations

iOS 7 apps

The animations in iOS 7 are … various. Unlocking and locking the device feels more unneeded. Jumping in and from apps is more whimsical. It’s something you really need to make use of to understand.

And if you cannot get your hands on iOS 7 yet, then try UnlockFX on a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 6. Due to the fact that you can create basically the exact same experience.

Auto App Updater – gotten rid of by App Store


I despise by hand installing app updates. In iOS 6, I used a jailbreak tweak called Automobile App Updated to automate the process for me. Now Apple has it baked right into the iOS 7 App Store.