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Every time Apple releases brand-new versions of iOS and OS X, you can assure Apple will take purpose to ruin some popular third-party apps by aping their most popular functions into Apple’s core services.

With iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, Apple has its sights on some truly strong competitors. 1Password is in danger of becoming out-of-date, together with a number of various other noteworthy powerhouses. Right here’s who Apple aimed in its sights today:


1Password – gotten rid of by iCloud Keychain




1Password may not be disappearing tomorrow, however Apple certainly is taking aim at the app by adding a bunch of 1Password-like functions into iCloud Keychain. With iCloud Keychain you can save passwords, create passwords, and have all kinds instantly filled out for you – much like with 1Password.


Yahoo Weather condition – eliminated by iOS Weather condition app


The new Yahoo Weather app is absolutely stunning. So stunning in fact, we said it’s among the best full-featured weather condition apps on iOS, but not anymore. The redesigned iOS weather condition app is lovely and features a lots of different animations and aUI renovations that’ll likely keep lots of users far from third-party weather condition apps for a while.


Flashlight Apps – eliminated by Control Center


The iPhone has actually had a back-facing LED because the iPhone 4′s launching, but Apple has never troubled to produce a flashlight function until now. The new Control Center has a fast toggle to turn on your back LED to make use of a flashlight, which means you’ll never have to download a lousy ad-supported iOS flashlight app ever again.

Pandora – killed by iTunes Radio



Spotify and Rdio look like they are still safe by offering some functions iTunes does not have, however Pandora was applied watch by Apple today. iTunes Radio will let individuals produce radio stations to stream music directly to your iPhone free of charge. If you pay more you can do away with the ads. It works practically precisely like Pandora, except its baked into iOS, so why make use of a third-party app anymore?


Instapaper (again) – gotten rid of by Safari


The brand-new Sidebar attribute in Safari’ll make up for the loss of Google Reader for a great deal of Mac individuals. You can likewise see your Shared Links, and Reviewing List without leaving the page you are on. Despite the fact that Instapaper simply got some serious aid, it ought to be intriguing to see what the business does to survive on Mac.


Auxo – killed by Multitasking



The multitasking jailbreak tweak for iOS, Auxo, has been called ‘the app switcher Apple wouldn’t make.’ Apple’s addressed all of those concerns with iOS 7. Multitasking now allows you to switch over in between apps in a smarter method.

The brand-new multitasking shows apps as cards then allows you easily swipe between apps. There ares better CPU management in iOS 7 thanks to multitasking’s capability to arrange power-efficient times. As soon as iOS 7 hits there will be little reason to include Auxo, which probably will not even be offered for a very long time.


Instashare & Bump – killed by AirDrop



Transferring files between iPhones has actually never been that simple. Sure, you can send out a photo via iMessage, but for larger files, third-party apps like Bump and Instashare have permitted users to move files for iOS and OS X a lot much easier. AirDrop for iOS completely negates the need for either app’s file sharing services due to the fact that it’s system-wide support for apps with share-sheets.