Nine Hours, Nine Individuals, 9 Doors– also referred to as 999– got hold of focus for its brutal plot, devilish mysteries, and compelling characters when it attacked the Nintendo DS in 2010. On March 17, Aksys Games is set up to bring the title to iOS as 999: The Story, and though it doesn’t have the danger-filled puzzle spaces of the original variation, it still features the very same branching, interactive story, as well as the very same distinct cast of 9 characters that find themselves caught on what appears to be a huge cruise liner. (It also contains anime-style visuals to match the storytelling.)

Anyone who’s played 999 knows that its characters– ranging from a perky schoolgirl to burly amnesiac– are among the title’s strongest points, especially given that any among them can live or pass away depending upon the selections you make in the story. However which character is the very best? It’s difficult to choose just one, so we asked the guy primarily liable for the game, director/scenario writer Kotaro Uchikoshi, to pass judgment. Unsurprisingly, he could not choose simply one either, so right here are Uchikoshi’s insights into why any of the game’s 9 major characters could end up being your favorite.


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“Ace is the most reliable. He’s constantly neutral about everything, and takes the lead as soon as he’s sure about exactly what should be done. He’s a gentleman. Kind, tranquil, but at the exact same time he’s an aura of dignity about him that makes him popular amongst the other members. At one point, he risks his own life to try to conserve the others. I am sure if you follow him, there will be no issues.”


“Snake is the best. Regardless of his loss of sight, or possibly because of it, he’s the insight to see through numerous realities. He’s level-headed, calm, logical, and logical. He’s also really knowledgeable about a variety of topics and skilled in different categories. He loves his little sister Clover, and wouldn’t be reluctant to compromise himself if it would save her. Who’d have thought we’d find him like that …?”


“The most hazardous. Like a lone wolf, he’s no spirit of cooperation. Self-righteously does exactly what he desires. As long as he’s okay, that’s all that matters to him, he doesn’t care exactly what takes place to everyone else. He commonly is the voice of dissent, beginning arguments and causing fractures in the rare group peace. Nevertheless, since he’s so defiant, I make certain once you get him on your side, he’ll be a fantastic ally. If you’ve the ability to get him to be frank, you might even have the ability to discover his secret past.”


“The cutest. Miss Clover, you are so cute! Nonetheless, her beauties can be dangerous fangs for men. She uses her wiles as a weapon, toys with men, and utilizes them to her liking. She’s still in her teenagers, however she’s already emerged as a devilish woman. She’s spoiled, self-centered, and perverse. She’s defiant and bratty. But when it comes to her older bro Snake, she entirely dotes on him and will do anything he shares.”


“The man you can trust the most. The reason being, he’s the lead character! He’ll be the reader’s other self, and by the reader selecting his action (i.e. which doors to pick), they’ll advance the tale. If you can not rely on what he’s doing, then you probably cannot trust anybody. He’s a strong sense of justice, and is rather hot-blooded. Clearly a determined and daring boy, numerous are moved by him boldly facing off versus evil. He’s a childhood pal of June’s.”


“She’s truly a sincere woman. She’s neat, elegant, refined, and a little too serious. Her level of ‘ideal woman’ is at a point where they ought to authorize her to be a world heritage site herself. Her heart is fragile and she’s quite a crybaby. She wishes for love and peace, and thinks that everyone on the planet can end up being pals if they simply talked it out. She likewise thinks in Santa Claus … which Elvis Presley is still alive. And that the other side of the moon is made use of as a send off base for UFOs. She’s Junpei’s childhood good friend.”


“The most powerful. He’s sturdy, both physically and psychologically. He’s uncomfortable, lacks special, and his words have the tendency to be honest and to the point. Aesthetically he could be intimidating, however he’s actually quite nice and rather tolerant. He’s amnesia and no memory of exactly what occurred to him before he got up. However I’ll inform you one point: He’s somebody who holds the key to unlocking the truth behind a particular incident. If his memory comes back.”


“The most sensuous woman in the group. Or maybe that’s simply due to the fact that of her chest. She’s licentious, bewitching, and lascivious. However do not let that curvy silhouette fool you, she’s a top-rated developer and her IQ is exceptionally high. She may appear self-centered and cold, but she’s in fact the most reasonable and reasonable from all of them. She’s the intellectual capability to make very rational choices. Apparently her kids were associated with an incident in the past …”

The 9th Man

“The most pitiful man in the tale. There’s nobody in this story you ‘d feel more sorry for than him. I mean, his body is cruelly blown to pieces from the outset … So because of that no person will actually discover much about him. So who was this man? Did he truly pass away? All of the mysteries will be disclosed at the end of the story.”