Summer is a period of enjoyable in the sun, which means losing layers of winter clothes and putting on a swimwear. This very act can bring to light things you have been able to disregard under your comfortable sweater: a little extra weight, feeling sluggish and basically not taking the best care of your body. Maybe (like me) you consider myself moderately healthy – energetic (though you don’t exercise regularly), attempting to consume healthy (though you like pizza and ice cream), and meddling yoga (though you are no yogi). Every year when summer season rolls around you feel that desire to obtain healthy, sign up with a health club and take control of your diet. It’s simple to feel overwhelmed by the concept of righting all the wrongs in your life at the same time, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Green Smoothies asks, “Are you ready to make a healthy change in your diet plan, but do not know where to start?”

If your response is indeed, keep checking out for more information about the primary steps to a healthier diet.

Getting Started

Green Smoothies is a collection of recipes by Laura Glucina, a licensed raw foods chef, holistic health and wellness coach and blogger based in Sydney, Australia. Her popular raw food blog site, Rising Kitchen, shares dishes, personal anecdotes and bright, happy images of her plant based dishes. Much like Laura’s site, the app is wonderfully designed with smart-looking graphics and vibrant, punchy fonts. Her visual is contemporary and enjoyable, but Laura isn’t simply an additional lovely face – she understands her stuff when it comes to nutrition, and shares all the facts and science behind her natural food suggestions.

Just like Laura’s website, the app is beautifully designed with smart-looking graphics and bold, punchy fonts.

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Just like Laura’s internet site, the app is magnificently created with smart-looking graphics and vibrant, punchy fonts.

Launch the app and you exist with a collection of 30 mouthwatering smoothies. Each image looks warm, healthy and fresh. Right away you discover the app looks professional, special and magnificently made. A collection of icons in the top left corner encourages expedition.

The Home screen is a collection of 30 smoothie recipes, each represented by a bright and cheerful tile photograph of the drink.

The House screen is a collection of 30 healthy smoothie recipes, each stood for by a bright and happy tile photo of the beverage.

Tap Info to find out “All The Dirt on Environment-friendly Smoothies,” where Laura decrees, “Beginning your day with a green healthy smoothie is the easiest way to bring more goodness into your world.” Here you discover that the app is focused on what Laura calls, “supersessibles,” or standard ingredients from your supermarket produce isle. It’s a clever step developing an app to assist individuals get their feet wet without frustrating them with health food jargon and pricey, exotic components.

The Smoothies

Now that you have learned all about Ascension Kitchen and the health perks of green smoothie mixes, it’s time to go back to the Home display and browse Laura’s recipes. You’ve actually got 2 methods to search: tap the M button for a menu list grouped by group or merely tap any of the arbitrarily various tiles to view the healthy smoothie recipe. Once you’ve actually brought up a smoothie dish it would be practical to swipe with each drink, however rather you’ve to tap the Home button, taking you back to the Menu.

To browse the smoothies select the drop down menu organized by category or simply tap a smoothie tile photo to view the recipe.

To search the smoothie mixes choose the fall menu arranged by category or just tap a smoothie mix tile photo to view the dish.

Each smoothie mix is designated to a category: Anti-Inflammatory, Beauty, Cleanse, Digestion, Energy, Immunity or Recovery. It would be good to see an explanation of these groups, since the app appears to be tailored towards natural food newbies who might be wondering what it means to be anti-inflammatory or how can a healthy smoothie impact your immune system.

Recipes are as easy as tossing a handful of ingredients into a blender, and each one includes a positive affirmation from a cute little Buddha.

Recipes are as simple as tossing a handful of ingredients into a blender or food processor, and every one consists of a positive affirmation from an adorable little Buddha.

Making healthy green smoothie mixes look scrumptious is not a simple job, however Laura’s pictures shine with life and vigor, tempting you to take out the blender or food processor and prepare her recipes. The app has a wonderful sense of humor, positivity and lightheartedness, as evidenced by smoothie names: Force Field, Happy Kidneys and Tooty Booty. A charming little Buddha dispenses favorable affirmations when you tap him.

Tap on a smoothie ingredient to learn more facts about its nutritional benefits, then easily swipe left and right to browse the whole list.

Tap on a smoothie mix active ingredient for more information truths about its dietary perks, then easily swipe left and right to search the whole list.

Recipes are as easy as tossing a handful of active ingredients into a blender, and the capacity to tap on a smoothie mix component and discover even more truths about its dietary benefits is an excellent feature. Kudos to the app designer for developing a smooth user experience by giving individuals the capability to then browse the entire ingredients list by swiping left and right. Including a short intro to each recipe describing how and why this mix of active ingredients interacts to cleanse, help food digestion, promote appeal, etc. would be practical.

Additional Features

Green Smoothies likewise offers you the tools to add recipes to your Favorites list and create a Shopping List. It’s good to be able to print or email the list with the touch of a button, and you can arrange your Shopping List by seeing all the components in one list or seeing ingredients detailed for each smoothie.

The app includes one of Laura’s instructional videos for making nut milks, helpful for preparing nut milk-based smoothies.

The app includes some of Laura’s educational videos for making nut milks, helpful for preparing nut milk-based healthy smoothies.

Laura has a collection of educational videos on Vimeo, and the app includes her “Ways to Make Kind Milk,” which is valuable for individuals making smoothies that ask for nut milk. Her videos are fun and happy, with rockin’ tunes and steps that are easy to follow. Adding even more videos and recipes to the app occasionally would be a great means to keep users engaged.


Green Smoothies is an impressive collection of healthy smoothie dishes utilizing a wide variety of active ingredients that are offered at your typical grocery store produce isle. The app is magnificently created and functions effortlessly in its first release. Laura’s individual philosophy and funny bone truly shine throughout the app in unique touches like the Buddha button and her approachable writing design. If you are interested in taking a primary step to a healthier way of living, you’ll get a lot out of this app. The $4.99 cost could appear high, however Green Smoothies provides extra value in handy tips for efficiency in the kitchen and scientific facts on the advantages of each ingredient. Rich in content and bursting with character, Green Smoothies is an unique providing and a breath of fresh air in the App Store.