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Lust List: AirVape

In the last couple of weeks of testing, I’ll admit, I have obtained a bit a lot more baked compared to common many thanks to AirVape’s easy-to-use functionality.

I do not constantly vape, but when I do, I’ll vape from this mobile, economical yet high-grade vaporizer.

Discrete and easy to use

AirVape is a fixed, rounded rectangle about the shapes and size as a dumb phone from Nokia or Motorola. It’s got a valuable LED display on the front that allows you recognize just how much battery is left and what temperature level your herbs are being baked at.

Using this vaporizer is so very easy: simply manage the mouthpiece, pack the ‘stove’ with your option of carefully ground dry natural herb, replace the rubber mouth thing, click the power switch three times and also you prepare to take a nice pull from the AirVape.

It’s so various from smoking the environment-friendly with a water pipes that I have to inform close friends to just hit off it without pressing buttons or bothering with it in any way.

The initial time you use the AirVape, you’ll desire to establish the temperature level to something around 400 degrees Fahrenheit (higher temperatures generate more smoke, lower temperatures less so). Once you set it, AirVape will certainly remember your preference, though you can naturally adjustment temperature with the physical up/down switches. Once you power AirVape on, you’ve obtained 2 minutes of vaping enjoyment before it immediately shuts down, which is a terrific function for something that can be a fire hazard.

Eminently portable vaporizer

Using AirVape around community is unbelievably simple, as no person bats an eye at a person drawing on a cell-phone-sized device these days, what with all the smokeless cigarettes around. This looks no various, actually, compared to other vaporizer or electronic cigarette rig.

I have actually taken the AirVape out on the community for a quick herb solution prior to a neighborhood movie theater production, a motion picture, or perhaps a relaxed supper with good friends. Ensuring the AirVape is loaded with green and also has a topped-off battery (using micro-USB) is super basic, and also makes a 420 lifestyle far more possible than having to sneak around with a lighter and a smelly water pipes complete of charred greenery.

The odor originating from AirVape is minimal, and the vapor itself dissipates quickly, unlike normal combustible issue. You don’t need to fret about smelling (or sampling) like weed any more.

Full kit included

The AirVape I tested included a little toolkit containing a packing/scraping tool, a little brush to clean the oven location once the herb is toasted, and also a set of tweezers. Cleaning the AirVape is super easy – you just manage the mouth item, brush out the used natural herb, and also you excellent to repack as well as go.

A complete charge on the battery lasts several uses, much less so if you’re sharing with a buddy. I can typically obtain three or four pulls on the AirVape per session, and also the battery lasts at least 3 or four sessions.

Starting at $99, you get an AirVape, the toolset, an added mouth piece and a bring situation. The high-end model AirVape Xs, which retails for $199, is currently on sale for $129 from Cult of Mac Bargains. That’s fairly a bit much less compared to the Pax 2 vape we assessed, which provides for $279, and also it works equally as well so far.

Bottom line, if you’re seeking a cost effective, very easy to use, premium vaporizer for all your ‘dry herb’ needs (including tobacco and clove, I mean), the AirVape is a wonderful option.

Price: $99 to $199

Buy from: Cult of Mac Deals, AirVape

AirVape sent us a testimonial unit for this write-up. Read Cult of Mac’s testimonials policy.