In the months leading up to the overview of the apple iphone 6 last September, Moscow-based luxury modified apple iphone company Feld & Volk discussed a wide range of info about the tool, starting with top quality pictures as well as video of a rough back shell and also going on to individual parts like the embedded Apple logo design as well as protruding rear camera.

Later on, the company was able to get almost all of the parts for the apple iphone 6, consisting of the reasoning board that revealed such information as an NFC chip, Qualcomm LTE modem, as well as a base 16 GB storage option.
iphone 3gFeld & Volk’s apple iphone 6 developed from components shown starting to ‘Hook up to iTunes’ screen
Eventually, Feld & Volk were able to develop a functioning gadget from the components, sustaining concepts the device would include a 1334 x 750 display, which were eventually shown correct.

Many MacRumors readers are anxiously awaiting part leaks from the next-generation ‘apple iphone Sixes’ requireded to debut around the common September timeframe, as well as while the device is expected to be visually almost similar to the present designs offered Apple’s pattern of iPhone layouts, there will certainly be some renovations and also various other adjustments any kind of upcoming component leaks will certainly help us identify.

Ahead of those part leakages, we spoke with Feld & Volk’s Alexander Volkov regarding his background, the company’s past history and also items, and also the problems in supplying deluxe products built around Apple’s designs.

Feld & Volk came from 2007 following the launch of the initial iPhone, when Volkov and a classmate set up a lab at the Moscow Principle of Electronics and Math where the set was examining digital engineering.

Born from initiatives to brighten the Apple company logo on the tool, both introduced Feld & Volk as an independent firm in 2008 complying with the debut of the apple iphone 3G, with an intent to construct personalized versions of the device.

Feld & Volk’s initiatives were aided by a collaboration with Russian stylist Denis Simachev, whose bold prints caused the production of the SimaPhone 3G and succeeding generations. As Volkov notes, the SimaPhone 3G with its lit up Apple logo, 18K gold-plated switches, and special type variations swiftly ended up being popular with personalities and various other prominent numbers in the country.
iphone wallpapersOriginal SimaPhone 3G from 2008

We after that varied the line, different designs of SimaPhone had varied combinations of colors with outstanding visual impacts, which took us almost 6 months to develop. This was the advanced message of customized style and also function that I intended to share. […]

It came to be the yearned product for a broad variety of discriminating folks from website experts to football as well as hockey celebrities, style and movie industry celebrities, politicians, and also also former the head of state of Russia and also present Head of state Dmitry Medvedev.

Feld & Volk has actually performed with variations of the SimaPhone for each new apple iphone version, as well as the firm now has 32 full-time workers in engineering, design, as well as manufacturing to build the extremely personalized devices.
iphoneiPhone 5s tailored for former NHL and also Russian Olympic team goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin with Ferrari company logo and lighted jacket number
Throughout the procedure, Volkov and his team stress individuality while holding to the capability as well as feel produced by Apple, looking for to strike an equilibrium that will certainly attract luxury consumers going to spend countless dollars on a device.

From day one, I was identified to establish the concepts our company believe as well as follow them till now. We are intending not to change the brilliant shape of best Apple tools, yet to provide the special awareness of uniqueness to a tool utilized by millions of folks worldwide. It is an unique masterpiece that we provide to our customers while keeping the capability of the initial Apple item. I am obsessed with maintaining this goal via a quite careful combo of the products utilized to transfer an one-of-a-kind sensation of the well-known, but absolutely brand-new device.

The latest version of the SimaPhone is based upon the apple iphone 6 as well as makes use of an anodized titanium back panel decorated with Simachev’s trademark Khokhloma Russian people prints and also covered by a 5-inch sapphire sheet. The iPhone structure and switches are layered with 24K gold, and the Apple logo is illuminated.
ipadSimaPhone 6
In current months, Feld & Volk has expanded its apple iphone 6 collection with the same standard design however making use of new products such as wood and also carbon fiber. Many standard versions are priced in the $4000 range, although independently tailored tools could run much higher depending upon materials.

Volkov explains that ‘time always bets us’ with the phones, as his business should spend heavily in bringing its modified iPhones to market rapidly also as Apple is already relocating toward the next generation.

You only have one year to:

1) Buy apples iphone, which are sold at the maximum prices at the launch of each brand-new model.
2) Develop technical systems and also axioms of the new design for our gadgets on the basis which we will modify the gadget. This could use up to six months.
3) Supply our partners with the phone, notify the general public regarding its release.
4) Sell the device.
5) Get paid.

This seriousness is what has led Volkov to strongly look for access to pre-production components such as those leaked from the apple iphone 6, with the firm making use of the components it gets to obtain a head beginning on making its very own modifications.

Feld & Volk’s success in the high-end apple iphone alteration market has actually drawn the interest of fashion merchants in Russia and also past, with one of the more noteworthy partnerships being with Colette, the exact same Parisian store where Apple held the initial public browsing of the Apple Watch last September merely weeks after it was unveiled in a media event. Colette is additionally among a handful of high-end stores salesing the Apple Watch in their stores.

Volkov and also his group are no question working via their connections to attempt to discover the ‘apple iphone Sixes’ ahead of its debut anticipated just 3 months from now. We absolutely anticipate components from the upcoming gadgets will start dripping in the close to future as is typical, increase over the following many months going into the launch. As is real of a lot of’s’ generations offered the style resemblances to the previous generation, the trouble will can be found in distinguishing parts meant for the new gadgets from the existing ones.