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Gold is the new black.

According to countless rumors and MG Siegler’s sources, the gold iPhone 5S is not really just something we tech bloggers have concocted to prevent this summertime interesting. It’s real.

Bits and pieces of evidence remain to leak out, not least of which are these newly published images on a Japanese website. Naturally, as you can see from the images, the normal ‘Created by Apple in California, Put together in China’ fine print that’s emblazoned on the black and white models is missing out on.

However, this casing is clearly unfinished, as the prototype isn’t yet completely constructed.

A gold iPhone has left a number of us scratching our heads. Apple is everything about preventing it simple (foolish), and for a long time it seemed like a stretch that a white iPhone would come true. Broadening into much more colors with the champagne-style iPhone 5S just does not feel right.

However, MG’s sources have confirmed it, and there are a variety of arguments for why Apple would go gold.

The most poignant is that, while Apple keeps things simple, the business is everything about evolution. At one point, our iMacs were the colors of tangerines and limes. Now they are all silver. For a very long time, iPhones were black plastic, then Gorilla glass was presented. Now it’s anodized aluminum, with white options.

The even more we can do with manufacturing, the more liberty Apple needs to develop and stay relevant.

Plus, gold is in right now.

And, according to other reports, it does not stop there. Apple is anticipated to unveil two brand-new iPhone models at its claimed September 10 event, an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which is reported to be a more affordable, plastic model that’s available in numerous color tastes.

Of course, Apple is respectable at keeping secrets (though not as great as they utilized to be under the Jobs regime), so we will not understand anything for sure till September 10.

[via Sonny Dickson]