Alleged iPad Pro dummy shows its face, and yes, it's bigger

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Chinese social network Weibo is a constant source of leaks and rumors, and the most recent adds credence to the claim that Apple is dealing with a bigger iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro is reported to be a few inches bigger than your run-of-the-mill iPad at around 13 inches, and this photo from Weibo may back that up, according to Nowhereelse. fr.

The image supposedly reveals a ‘dummy model’ for the iPad Pro, and evaluating by the hand that’s holding it, the Apple logo and the cam, it appears to be quite a bit larger than the iPads we are utilized to.

The exact same source also posted a photo allegedly of an iPhone 6 dummy (keep scrolling).

iPad Pro dummy

Listen up, dummy

Dummy designs are created so that gadget accessory makers can craft cases and other peripherals that’ll fit with final products before those gizmos are openly offered, to name a few reasons.

The newest to appear prior to these pictures was a supposed iPhone 6 dummy design that appears to reveal a bigger and a little curved iPhone.

iPhone 6 dummy

Like the iPad Pro, the iPhone 6 is expected to come in a minimum of one variation that’s bigger than any previous iPhone.

But even if the iPad Pro really is in the works, analysts predict it’ll not show up up until 2015 at the earliest.

Meanwhile report has it Apple it dealing with split-screen iPad apps in iOS 8 – a feature that, incidentally, would work quite perfectly on a larger iPad.