Techkiddy reposts (via some images originally shared by Sonny Dickson revealing supposed parts for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S. While most of the parts have been seen a number of times in the past, the new fairly top quality images provide a continuing review the parts, that include the nano-SIM tray and speaker button, as well as flex cable televisions for the home button, charger port, WiFi component, and speaker.

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Home button flex cable

Perhaps most especially, the house button flex cable remains to reveal no indicators of a fingerprint scanner. Evidence emerging in the iOS 7 Beta 4 code previously this week showed references to a tutorial advising iPhone individuals the best ways to make use of a fingerprint scanner, apparently located on the device’s home button.
iphone_5s_frontcamera_flexFront camera flex cable

The parts that we’re delighted to pass along to you’re said to consist of the Apple iPhone 5S card holder, the charger port flex for the gadget, the front camera flex, the Home button flex, speaker button, vibrator flex, Wi-Fi flex, On-Off flex cable television and the Speaker flex.

One problem with part leaks this year is Apple’s evident plans to introduce both an iPhone 5S and a new lower-cost plastic iPhone. Suppliers and other sources might in some cases be perplexing which parts are from which gadget.

Earlier this year, French internet site Nowhereelse likewise uploaded images of claimed iPhone 5S parts, consisting of the house button, vibrator, and volume/mute flex cable televisions, with no apparent evidence of a fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5S is anticipated to launch at some point in the fall together with the heavily rumored inexpensive iPhone, possibly named the iPhone 5C.