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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Top designers at an AltWWDC panel conference collected to honestly talk about Apple’s keynote announcements on iOS 7, Mac Pro, and Mac OS X. The overriding sensation from the main panel is that while lots of are happy about iOS modifications, many are dissatisfied with the lack of focus on actual news of tools for developers.

Aaron Hillegass, the Chief Learning Officer and Creator of the Cocoa shows camp Big Nerd Cattle ranch, was among those let down by the Monday morning keynote. He told us the Jony Ive-led changes were ‘past due’ but weren’t for developers. “I was dissatisfied. I felt that this was [supposed to be] a designer conference.’ Rather, he shares, ‘it was more about selling phones.” Hillegass appreciates that offering phones is an important element of preserving a healthy application business, in particular to make people delighted about the the platform, however feels there’s a lot even more Apple could’ve brought to the table.

“It did not feel like they offered [designers] much to do.”

Another panelist stated the Apple keynote failed to offer developers a push to obtain back home and deal with their apps instantly. “It did not seem like they gave [developers] much to do.” Rather, he claimed the keynote was 95 % tailored towards end users.

Other members of the panel included RadiumOne’s Director of Engineering, Brad Smith, Red Sweater’s Daniel Jalkut, MacTech Editor-in-Chief Neil Ticktin, and Cocoa Is My Partner’s Marcus Zarra.

AaronHillegassOne of the main things Hillegass (right) and various other developers shared they were most anticipating– and didn’t get– was the accessibility of complimentary trials for all applications, in addition to paid upgrades. Since today, a lot of applications in iOS can’t offer a complimentary trial to customers. A complimentary trial has been a helpful way for other mobile operating systems to offer users the capability to define an app’s worth and to reduce its viewed cost.

AltWWDC is in its second year of collecting Apple developers to discuss pointers and best practices and to cause discussion of the platform, outside WWDC’s province. This conference ended up being a sorely required choice to the many who lost on sold-out $1600 tickets for the main event.

A topic the panel appeared thrilled to discuss was the new application for in-car Siri functionality. The primary iOS in the Car feature showcased Siri Digital Aide integrated in vehicles that can review out messages and play music hands-free. The developers said this was a function where Apple was producing an excellent platform chance. They shared a clever developer could produce an ingenious app with smart integration of the technology and the new user space. The iOS in the Automobile feature is anticipated to be integrated by automobile manufacturers in time for the 2014 designs.

Another problem discussed by the panel was the enhanced handling of CPU memory by OS X Mavericks. Two of the panelists noted the improved memory management would enable them to consider that side of building procedure less than before. “We wish it’s one of those things where we can go kinda insane and let the CPU determine. The multi-task in iOS is really amazing.” The panelists concurred the new app alerts change will improve the speed and management of the important, always-changing updates. They said it resolves a great deal of issues they ‘d been coding around which ‘the concept that the app can be awakened in the background based on the user habits’ will make all apps more useful.

As for the extremely hyped aesthetic design, Hillegass discussed later Twitter that he suched as the redesign but there’s “excessive use of translucence.” Others concurred with his assessment. To them, the visual appearance of translucence offered windows the appearance of ‘wax paper.’ Hillegass later stated that for him, ‘wax paper is the new Corinthian leather.’ That’s not the best endorsement for development.

AltWWDC developers think iOS 7′s reliance upon translucence is the new Corinthian natural leather.

Another design hint discussed was the accelerometer parallaxing (the function where you can see the background photo behind your apps, as in 3D). However the panel mightn’t agree on whether it was a wonderful, fun function or a completely unneeded one. The majority of the developers said they looked forward to seeing the parallaxing, but another, Jalkut, claimed he though the parallax looked ‘kinda trashy to me. It appears like something from the Matrix. Looks kinda trashy to me, not simplistic.”

Photo: @fergushurley/Twitter