Always wanted a Retina MacBook Pro tablet? Now you can have one

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Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models are things of appeal, however if you’ve actually ever wanted one of them can be converted into an effective tablet, there’s now a Kickstarter campaign simply for you.

Modbook revealed the Kickstarter-exclusive launch of Modbook Pro X, the company’s most enthusiastic hardware job to this day. The Modbook Pro X converts a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display into a pixel-rich tablet computer system.

Billed as a ‘content creation powerhouse,’ the gizmo is implied for imaginative professionals and casual users alike. The Modbook Pro X can be built from an existing MacBook Pro for a starting cost of $1,999 (about ₤ 1181, AU$ 2138), although early backers will not in fact receive the modified hardware till very early next year.

Paired with a pen input gadget efficient in 2,048 pressure levels and powered by the honest OS X Yosemite 10.10, Modbook Pro X can be configured with as much as a quad-core 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB RAM and maxed out with 2TB of flash storage – double exactly what Apple presently provides.

Take that, iPad!

Those type of specs would make the iPad Air run for cover, especially when Modbook claims the resulting device ‘functions like a regular MacBook Pro in the Mac environment,’ even after being converted into a tablet.

Modbook Pro X does consist of a few tantalizing customization options, including Keybars, an eyes-free technique for going into shortcuts, and a Keyboard Stand that serves triple task as an easel mount, keyboard and screen protector.

The folks at Modbook have been converting Mac computer systems into award-winning tablets for many years, flawlessly incorporating with existing Mac OS X innovations, consisting of Boot Camp support for dual-booting into Windows 8.1 and beyond.

We’ve actually asked Apple for discuss how Modbook’s Kickstarter campaign might eventually influence the service warranty status of a MacBook Pro (don’t hold your breath), and whether Cupertino frowns on such modifications (we are guessing they do).