Lust Checklist: Kuner iPhone battery situation by KUKE

Even Apple admits that its effective iPhones need a little added battery increase every now and then. Yet if you’ve looked at the $99 tools, you might not be incredibly convinced they’re worth the cost, or also all that attractive.

The Kuner apple iphone battery case truly kicks the Smart Battery instance’s butt: it’s thinner, prettier to check out, as well as also gives you additional storage room for video clips, songs and papers. Take that, Apple Smart Battery case.

The Kuner instance is nearly 4 mm thinner than Apple’s offering, and it does not have that fugly bump on the back. The examination situation I got is an intense white shiny event with a black rubber bumper around the edges for drop security. The Sleep/Wake and Quantity buttons both get a chrome cover, and the mute button, earphone jack and also audio speakers all have intermediaries that function fantastic – no need for an adapter for headphones, either.

There’s a switch on the back that shows me the cost level of the situation with one press, holding the switch down starts the juice streaming to my apple iphone 6 Plus.

With 2400 mAh of juice, this slim giant demands up my apple iphone to regarding 80 percent on a vacant tank, and also the battery inside the case bills up swiftly and conveniently many thanks to the lightning port under. The only niggling point, as well as it’s likely as a result of licensing, is just how the port only bills the iPhone and Kuner instance, there’s no pass-through sound, for example.

With the freely downloadable KUKE app, I’m able to track my apple iphone’s battery level as well as that of the Kuner situation. The application additionally provides me access to the extra storage room (it can be found in 16 or 64 GB versions), letting me draw in Photos, Videos, ‘Musics’ and Documents for back-up or to keep my iPhone’s interior storage space without clutter. The Musics player will play audio files, as well, which lets you maintain them in the outside situation’s storage area and play them without needing to relocate them back onto your iPhone.

The 16 GB Kuner iPhone battery situation retails for $79, $20 much less compared to Apple’s Smart Battery case, is thinner and offers external storage using a downloadable application. It’s a lot thinner, too, and does not have the bump to insect you.

Price: $79 for 16 GB, $129 for 64 GB version

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