Analog Camera - Image View

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If Clear was for photos instead of to-dos, this would be it.

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about an approaching iPhone app called Analog Camera. Established by Realmac Software application, maker of popular to-do app Clear, Analog Camera is a gorgeous app for taking pictures and rapidly applying Instagram-like filters.

Analog Camera
Made by: Realmac Software
Category: Photography
Works With: iPhone, iPod touch
Price: $0.99

Now that Analog Camera is offered for download in the App Shop, it’s time to decide if it belongs on your iPhone’s House screen.

How To Works

Filter-wise, Analog Camera offers 8 results that can be rapidly previewed by hovering over each thumbnail with your finger. The drag and sneak peek approach works truly well for the app. You can discover many of the looks in Instagram currently, however there are some subtle distinctions from filter to filter. There’s no ability to add ugly borders, which I value.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 11.40.19 PM

One cool function is the capacity to separate the exposure and focus of a picture with a two-finger tap on the image. You can combine exposure and concentrate once again with a one-finger tap. There’s some orderly auto-cropping that takes place when a non-square photo is opened in the app. Pinch-to-zoom and double tapping enables you to crop more if needed.

The point of Analog Camera is to allow you ‘to do the most vital things with your images, as quickly as feasible.’ The design of the app has actually obviously been influenced by Clear, the interface is really gesture-driven and filled with focus on information.

‘Very gesture-driven and filled with focus on information’

Opening photos from the Camera Roll is incredibly fast. ‘Every various other app we have tried makes it actually fiddly to access your Camera Roll – so in Analog Camera we wished to fix that with what we think is the easiest Camera Roll gain access to around,’ stated Realmac. ‘Whenever the camera’s visible, so are your last 4 pictures – and you can tap to pick them with the camera open. Swiping down hides the camera, and reveals all your pictures – with a swipe to the left taking you to your Picture Stream.’ Images can be shared on a variety of social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. When you upload to Instagram from the share menu, the app automatically includes the # analogcamera hashtag.

Realmac Software really began Analog on the Mac. An update next month will add the eight filters from the iPhone app to the collection of great filters that already exist on the Mac version.


‘We have seen lots of camera apps on iOS, and it feels as though the purpose of each brand-new one is to pack in as many attributes as possible at the expenditure of a great user experience,’ stated Realmac. ‘Analog Camera has actually been constructed to alter all that, with a stringent concentrate on providing a quick, fun and basic experience that allows you to concentrate on producing beautiful photos.’

After utilizing the app over this past weekend, I am not sure I’ll be opening it often. I understand the appeal for a certain kind of iPhoneographer, however I already have a workflow for taking pictures that I am pleased with. It includes multiple apps, like AfterLight and Snapseed, with Instagram as the end result.

Honestly, there’s nothing about Analog Camera that makes it a better snap-and-filter app than Instagram. It’s meant to make taking photos and using filters more efficient. From a design point of view, it’s very well done. The motions and animations are charming, and every little thing down to the sound design simply works. I am not questioning the appeal or functionality of Analog Camera, I just hope it’s what it requires to stand the test of time.