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Update: It appears like my ‘simple’ fix has actually not worked for numerous individuals. It looks like now like this is an Apple problem that they know and working on. In the meantime, the very best existing workaround appears to be this one: Visit the Purchased area in the App Store, see to it you are on the All tab, and scroll with and apply updates.

I have seen a multitude of individuals stating that the App Shop Updates page isn’t working over the last couple of days. I experienced the issue myself– with the App Store icon badge showing a variety of updates offered, but the Updates page was completely blank.

It looks like there’s a really simple repair for this however– the old school, cure-all fix for computer system problems of all sorts. Reboot the iPad. Just power the iPad off and back on like typical. Simply to be clear, to restart the iPad you hold back the leading Power button till you see the ‘Slide to power off’ timely, then slide to power off. Give it 10 seconds or so and afterwards hold the power button down once again up until you see the Apple logo design appear on the screen.

That simplest of solutions has actually worked for me. Let me understand in the remarks if it works for you or if you’ve another option to the problem.