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During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, CEO Tim Cook announced that the iTunes and App Shop have 575 million shop accounts and kept in mind that Apple believes it’s more accounts with charge card than any other company on the Web.

Asymco’s Horace Dediu yesterday used the brand-new figure to take a look at the worth of an Apple user to the company. By roughing out Apple’s previous turning points all the way back to 2009, Dediu found that Apple is including about 500,000 brand-new iTunes accounts a day and that the company is on pace to include an additional 100 million accounts by the end of the year.

Dediu likewise discovered that iTunes profits per account is around $40 each year, about half the amount seen in 2009.

One would expect such a decrease as an individual base expands and this approximate 50 % decline in profits per account appears sensible for a six-fold base rise. In outright terms the chart shows that an iTunes account creates about $3.2 / month in transactions. Put an additional means, during the in 2012, about $40 / year of economic worth is generated by every iTunes account.

The report goes on to extend the analysis to company-wide profits and venture worth per account owner as proxies for identify just how much a single consumer is worth to the business and how much that consumer is valued by shareholders.

In early June, Morgan Stanley expert Katy Huberty noted that Apple’s multitude of iTunes/App Store accounts offer significant potential for growth in services. And at his D11 meeting, Cook touted iMessage, iTunes Store and FaceTime as examples of how Apple’s services are tying together Apple’s environment, with Cook highlighting that the ‘magic’ happens at the communication of hardware, software application, and services.