Apple addresses iMessage bug but proper fix could be a while

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Apple has lastly piped up over a long-standing iMessage issue which has actually resulted in previous iPhone users who’ve switched over to Android or Windows Phone failing to get texts sent out by means of the service.

This weekend it was exposed the firm is dealing with a suit over the concern. Senders were being informed their messages were provided, but in reality they were being provided into a SMS black hole from which they never returned.

Recode reported that a current sever problem at Apple made the problem even worse for some. That’s now been fixed, as indicating by Cupertino, however the issue appears to be persisting for some users.

In a statement, the business pledged to launch a repair in a forthcoming software application upgrade.


A spokesperson informed Recode: ‘We recently took care of a server-side iMessage bug which was triggering a problem for some users, and we’ve an additional bug repair in a future software application upgrade.’

The concern stems from Apple’s inability to register when a smart phone number previously connected with an iPhone has actually left for pastures new.

Instead of sending a regular SMS text message through cellular networks, it continues to attempt delivery through iMessage’s web-based system.

For users experiencing the problem, a short-term fix can be had if they deactivate iMessage and eliminate their telephone number prior to switching their number to the new platform. However, this is not really of much help to those who have currently left the Apple environment.