Apple and Samsung are reportedly talking settlements again

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Apple and Samsung have actually been battling over patents for even more than two years, but the two business could lastly reach an arrangement.

An official at the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) has actually exposed to The Korea Times that Samsung and Apple ‘just recently returned to working-level conversations towards the finalizing of a potential offer.’

‘They’re in the process of narrowing differences over nobility payments,’ the official said.

If real, this is not the first time the two tech giants have actually been involved in ‘peace talks,’ and the last time did not go so well. However maybe they are as tired of this meaningless battle as everyone else is now?

‘Money and pride’

A Samsung source presumably told The Korea Times that Samsung mobile manager Shin Jong-kyun may fly to the United States for more peace talks with Apple CEO Tim Cook early in 2014.

The 2 companies still have their differences, Samsung apparently wants a comprehensive cross-licensing offer where it’s access to all essential Apple patents, while Apple desires Samsung to pay $30 for every infringing device.

But the KFTC official stated that this isn’t really a ‘political issue’ at all, in truth it’s ‘everything about cash and pride.’

No surprise there. But both companies are apparently being even more flexible in their negotiations this time around.

Cutting their losses?

Anti-trust regulatory authorities in Europe and the United States are reportedly included with the KFTC in discussing this matter.

Court struggles in between Apple and Samsung are set up to return to in 2014, though perhaps not if the business can reach an arrangement quickly.

Samsung previously was ordered in California to pay over $1 billion (about ₤ 605m, AU$ 1.12 b) to Apple, an amount that was subsequently halved by an additional court, then added to once again.

Most recently Samsung lost another case to Apple in Korea. That might be a consider its desire to negotiate with the iPhone maker, though its bargaining position may be somewhat reduced.

We asked Samsung and Apple to discuss whether they’ve actually once again struck up settlements, and we will upgrade below if we get word from either.