Apple has actually now joined a host of business in getting rid of the Confederate flag from its system– in its situation, the iTunes Application Establishment. A number of app developers are now reporting that their Civil War video games, which showcased images of the flag as component of their video game’s historical context, have been pulled from the Application Store.

Apple’s transfer to ban these video games follows comparable decisions by a variety of major retailers, consisting of Amazon, Walmart,, Sears and also others, which all announced restrictions on the sale of Confederate flag product in the wake of the capturing deaths of 9 black at a church in Charleston, S.C., this month.

The video games’ elimination wased initially reported by sector blog site TouchArcade. TechCrunch has actually reached out to Apple for comment, but the business has not responded.

UPDATE #1 – 6/25, 4 PM ET: Apple has actually now discussed the issue, saying:

“We have actually eliminated apps from the Application Shop that use the Confederate flag in offensive or mean-spirited means, which is in offense of our standards. We are not getting rid of applications that show the Confederate flag for instructional or historical uses.”

UPDATE #2 – 6/25, 5 PM ET: We have actually talked to Apple more extensively about the removals now. The firm states it’s functioning with developers to promptly obtain their games restored to the App Store.

It appears like the eliminations were not a quilt ban on use of the Confederate flag imagery in Application Store apps. And there may have been titles that should not have actually been drawn since making use of the flag could possibly be considered “historical” or “academic,” according to Apple’s remark above. Apple’s intent is not to lose games from the App Shop, but rather remove those titles that could possibly offend. That indicates there will be some applications that are not most likely to be renewed, such as the banned Confederate flag wallpaper application, for example.

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Currently, impacted titles consist of Ultimate General: Gettysburg, several Hunted Cow/HexWar Games Civil Battle games, and more. The ban has also influenced choose applications, like “Southern Pride (Rebel Flag) Wallpaper,” it’s been noted.

According to at the very least one game developer Touch Game spoke to, their video game was removed due to the fact that it included “photos of the Confederate flag utilized in offending as well as mean-spirited ways.” We have actually validated with others that this is the language Apple is utilizing when referencing the removals.

Many developers say that their video games aren’t implied to be offending, however rather include the flag images due to its historic context. Proverb Zasov of Video game Labs, which publishes Ultimate General: Gettysburg, told Touch Game that teachers have utilized his game when educating the Civil War in the classroom.

Adds Pursued Cow/HexWar Gamings supervisor Andrew Mulholland, “it seems disappointing that [Apple] would certainly eliminate [the games] as they weren’t being utilized in an offensive means, being that they were historical dry run as well as hence it was the flag utilized at the time.”

Elsewhere on Reddit, an unrevealed programmer also reports that 14 titles from a video game center they collaborate with have been removed.

It’s vague what criteria Apple is making use of to determine whether it draws an application featuring the Confederate flag images. Yet Mulholland informs us that Apple called his company after pulling several of its titles, as well as aimed to area 19.1 of the Application Store Testimonial Guidelines in its e-mail. This part states:

“Apps containing referrals or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic team that are denigrating, offending, mean-spirited or likely to subject the targeted team to harm or physical violence will be denied.”

The business suggested HexWar (which outgrew a cooperation between Hunted Cow and the original HexWar), to “review its application concept and also integrate various web content and also includes that are in conformity the standards.” The business offers numerous Civil War-themed video games which have actually been banned, including Civil Battle: 1862, Civil War: 1863, Civil War: 1864 and Civil War: Gettysburg. The earliest video game, Civil Battle: 1863, has been survive the Application Store given that September 2012.

Hunted Cow/HexWar states they will now try resubmitting its titles making use of a lesser-known 1861 version of the flag to view if their games will certainly be approved.

The Apple bannings do not seem to be universal, nonetheless. Ars Technica mentions there are various other titles that include the image of the flag that are still survive on the Application Store, like The Battle of Antietam as well as The Past history Channel’s The Civil War Today. Plus, Apple continues to offer other media that showcases the Confederate flag, consisting of albums and also TV programs like Primitive Scream’s Provide But Do not Surrender, Tale by Lynyrd Skynyrd and also seven periods of Dukes of Hazzard, as The Guardian notes.

In enhancement, The Guardian likewise remarks that Apple’s decision to implement the Confederate flag ban opposes exactly how it manages various other offending products, like the Nazi flag. Numerous titles (including those that do not assert historical precision) that showcase this flag remain available.

The question, apparently, is where does Apple fix a limit with respect to the extraction of the Confederate flag, or any kind of offending flag, from its storefront?

Apple CEO Tim Cook just recently tweeted his assistance for steps that entail removing the icons of racism, so it’s not totally unexpected to see the business take this step.