Apple has actually revealed a brand-new program where they’ll exchange unsanctioned iPad, iPhone, and iPod chargers and third-party adapters for Apple brand name variations for a small cost. The program will enter into practice later on this month, on August 16th, and the swap will cost you a plain $10 USD.

Apple Trades In Knockoff iPad and iPhone Chargers

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This trade-in program was prompted by a worry a concern of harmful shocks that might be triggered by an improperly constructed charger or adapter, as an outcome of the fatality of a Chinese lady that happened in Xinjiang last month.

The investigation into the death of the victim, a 23 year-old flight assistant called Ma Ailun, pointed at using a non-Apple brand charger with her iPhone 4. Her “knock-off” charger could’ve not been effectively made, which sent out a wave of electricity into the battery of her iPhone, and electrocuting her, according to the South China Early morning Post.

Apple hasn’t taken the information of hazardous third-party accessories sitting down, and they quickly introduced into activity, setting up their new program to combat the risky fakes.

“Recent reports have actually recommended that some fake and third-party adaptors may not be designed effectively and might result in safety issues,” Apple states in the announcement of the program on their support website. “Customer safety is a top priority at Apple. That’s why all our items– including USB power adapters for iPhone, iPad, and iPod– go through rigorous testing for security and dependability and are made to fulfill government safety standards all over the world.”

In order to take part in the trade-in program, Apple has published directions for consumers to get official chargers and adapters in exchange for their knockoffs. Bring your undesirable charger, together with your iPod, iPad, or iPhone to an Apple shop or a licensed Apple sellers. From there, they’ll help you.

As long as your device has a valid identification number, which will be inspected at the retail store, you may qualify for the trade-in. The trade-in will continue till October 19th.