secret-iconBApple has begun blocking downloads of confidential communication app Secret following a preliminary injunction that was granted just recently by a Brazilian civil court judge (Via 9to5Mac). According to the injunction judgment shared by Gigaom earlier this week, Apple is needed to eliminate the app from the Brazilian App Establishment and from another location delete the app from clients’ devices.

Local media noted earlier today that Trick was still noted in the Brazilian App Store, however that Apple was preventing users from setting up the app on their iOS gadgets. The app now appears to have been eliminated entirely from the the Brazilian establishment.

Apple reportedly hasn’t started deleting the app from user’s gadgets per the injunction demands, and it’s uncertain whether Apple plans to abide by that section of the order or pursue the concern further. The injunction likewise applies to the Android variation of Secret and a similar Windows Phone Secret client titled Cryptic, but Microsoft and Google aren’t yet abiding by the injunction terms.

The injunction comes from a civil case submitted by public prosecutor Marcelo Zenkner, who took action after getting problems about bullying on the anonymous social media network. Secret enables users to post messages and remark while keeping their identification hidden. This anonymity arrangement violates Brazilian law, prompting the judge to release the injunction earlier this week. Google, Apple and Microsoft have actually ten days to adhere to the ruling or face everyday fines of 20,000 reals ($8,890 USD).