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Apple states today it has a repair in the jobs for a strange software pest that has been able to collapse users’ apples iphone when they get a text with a certain string of personalities. The insect, which entails having users send a string of symbols and Arabic personalities to a target’s apple iphone, wased initially appeared by the online community Reddit, yet news of its existence has actually now spread around the web.

According to the MacRumors blog, sending this text string to a user’s apple iphone causes the device to crash then quickly reboot. Later on, if the Messages application was opened up in listing view, it will certainly continuously crash when you attempt to open it going ahead. If it was opened up to the discussion view, however, the application will certainly open up. But when you try to go into in one more chat, the Messages app will certainly plunge again.

MacRumors stated trying the problem on phones running iOS 8.3.

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So far, a couple of possible solutions have actually been suggested, consisting of sending out a reply message to deal with the problem. Had an effect on customers could send out an additional message to themselves (which you can do through Siri or by discussing outward one more application, like Photos), or having an additional person send you a message rather. After you have actually done this, you could get back right into the Message app as well as erase the chat. AppleCare support representatives are additionally able to assist regarding the problem, as well as have supposedly been telling consumers that the firm is functioning on a solution.

Not everybody appears to be influenced by the bug, which indicates that maybe associated just with certain iOS versions and/or a mix of settings which induce the accident to occur. Apple did not discuss what was creating the pest, yet a Reddit customer guesses that it belongs to just how banner notifications procedure Unicode text.

This is not the initial time iOS has been compromised by an insect that’s capable of collapsing iPhones using a content strand. In 2013, others had actually discovered a text strand that could possibly plunge Safari, as well as this also caused the message app to crash.

The Reddit customer, that passes “sickestdancer98,” also noted that this pest has been around given that iOS 6 however had actually not been patched.

Until the fix is released, you could avoid your apple iphone from becoming a target to this attack (or trick if you have incredibly wonderful friends) by transforming your setups. You can enter “Settings,” “Alerts,” and afterwards “Messages,” as well as uncheck the “Show in Lockscreen” alternative while also transforming off banner notifications.

According to an Apple spokesperson, “we recognize an iMessage issue created by a certain series of Unicode personalities as well as we will make a repair available in a software upgrade.”

The company did not specify on when that repair would certainly arrive.