Apple could stick sapphire to screens, processors and more in iPhone 6

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Apple has submitted a patent that reveals some of the means it might utilize sapphire in its future gadgets, like the iPhone 6 and the next iPad.

The patent really explains ways that sapphire could be connected to electronic devices, but in doing this it reveals potential applications for the product.

We currently understand that Apple could utilize a sapphire layer to make its devices’ displays even harder than the Gorilla Glass it presently makes use of. Sapphire is difficult to break and actually crystal clear, after all.

But how about using sapphire to dissipate heat from an iPhone’s processor?

Melting for sapphire

It ends up sapphire carries out heat simply as well as some metals do, and the brand-new Apple patent explain mounting the crystal to a gadget’s chip to help take in a few of those degrees.

When it comes to how the sapphire would really be mounted, the patent describes a couple of strategies.

In one circumstances, melted plastic or metal is poured through an aperture in the sapphire surface, thus binding them together when it cools. Then electronic devices can be connected to the metal or plastic.

Another technique explains a molding method that’d attach various other products straight to the sapphire substrate’s edges.

A sapphire future

Sapphire is currently being made use of in Apple’s gadgets – as the camera lens cover on the iPhone 5, and as the finger print sensor cover on the iPhone 5S.

And crystal specialists GT Advanced Technologies disclosed in November 2013 they’d actually signed a multi-year supply handle Apple.

Apple’s plans for the material going ahead are unidentified, but it’s plainly examining every alternative for its new iDevices.