Apple details guidelines for new Kids section in iOS 7 App Store

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Back in June at WWDC, Apple announced it ‘d be adding a specialized Children area to the App Shop in iOS 7 and now the business is informing developers how the child-friendly classification will work.

The Children area will allow parents to choose age proper games, entertainment and educational tools for kids aimed 11 and under.

According to emails sent out to the developer area, those apps can be separated into certain age ranges, 5 and under, 6-8 and 9-11.

Apps will remain to appear in the main listings, but the Children area will be ring-fenced off in the App Shop. At the same time, the Kids sub-category in the Games section will disappear.

Think of the children

The business is also presenting brand-new guidelines for children aged 13 and under. Marketers won’t have the ability to target young app individuals based upon their behavior within the app, while the advertisements that are served have to be proper for kids.

The new guidelines also mandate that, for apps focuseded on pre-teens, a ‘parental gate’ be put in place to avoid without supervision in-app acquisitions or links beyond the app.

Apple has come under scrutiny in recent months following reports of children racking up huge bills on their moms and dads’ iTunes accounts which have generally led to Apple refunding the quantity.

The company is also under investigation from the UK Office of Fair Trading. The regulator is worried that parents are coming under pressure from kids to purchase add on’s for ‘cost-free’ games.