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Apple executives are passing to Russia today to meet the company’s leading stores and distributors in the nation, reports TechCrunch. At the conferences, execs are stated to be talking about tactics to increase sales and supplies in Russia, along with covering which iPhone models will be offered.

In Russia, we understand, Apple is sending out over a few of its top individuals to meet numerous sellers in the nation. It seems that the information of what the meetings will require have been extremely limited, even to the parties themselves.

‘Apple is pertaining to town to speak with different stores,’ one told me. ‘There’s going to be a conversation about getting more active in Russia with the iPhone. I presume the conversations will include models that’ll be introduced below.”

As with China Mobile in China and DoCoMo in Japan, Apple has actually had difficulty securing take care of Russian carriers. After Russia’s biggest carrier, Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), opted to stop selling the iPhone in 2012 over contractual disagreements, Apple’s only iPhone circulation in the country has actually been with third-party sellers. Supplies in the nation are transmitted through a single distributor and often constrained, a problem which Apple seems planning to take care of.

Today, Apple has a deal in location with one supplier, Svyaznoy, which is also among the country’s main mobile phone retailers itself. In addition to its own retail company, Svyaznoy works as a distributor to various other retailers, both offline and online. Its competitors, naturally, think this is unreasonable at best. ‘We either do not get access to iPhones, or a sub-minimum level of stock from Svayznoy,’ a sellers informed me. ‘You count only on Svyaznoy, but they completely control the supply and the market.”

In Russia, carriers and merchants are incapable to offer subsidized prices. High taxes also make the iPhone pricey in the nation, and Apple’s contracts frequently need carriers to purchase a a great deal of phones. Though that’s a daunting prospect with the basic iPhone, the lower-cost iPhone that Apple is developing can be more attractive to consumers, merchants, and carriers, in terms of supply and expense.

Despite the fact that iPhones in Russia are offered beyond carriers, Tim Cook noted throughout Apple’s 3rd quarter earnings call that iPhone activations in Russia were at an all time high. He also stated that Apple was seeking various other relationships in the country to ‘add and improve’ the existing ones.

Apple’s iPhone 5S and lower-cost iPhone 5C are expected to debut during a September 10 iPhone occasion. While rumors have actually recommended that the phone will launch on September 20 in numerous countries, Russia often gets its iPhone supplies a number of months after launch.