Among the brand-new mapping functions consisted of in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is Flyover city trips, which leverages the existing Flyover imagery to supply users with an automated aerial trip of landmarks in a provided city. When the function first appeared early in the iOS 8 beta testing process, just a handful of cities were supported, and while the variety of readily available trips remains little, Apple has actually included numerous lots more cities over time.
Apple currently files 90 cities, parks, and landmarks where the basic Flyover feature is offered. Of these 90 areas where users can view interactive 3D maps, 40 currently have actually the automated Flyover tours allowed under iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.
flyover_city_tours_7sep14Apple’s list of Flyover locations with present Flyover tour cities boxed in green
As with the Flyover feature itself, the list of cities with Flyover trip support is a diverse one, varying from major cities such as London, Paris, and New York to smaller locations such as Cheyenne, Wyoming and Linköping, Sweden, house of the C3 Technologies, the company whose technology was leveraged for Flyover after Apple got it several years earlier.
During the beta screening period for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple has likewise tweaked the ways of identifying areas with Flyover tours made it possible for, making them easier to find. At first, cities with the function available were identifiable just by the text of the city name being in yellow instead of the basic white in Hybrid view. Apple has since modified the display screen to rather identify Flyover trip cities with a little ‘3D’ icon instead of the basic dot used to mark place.

iOS 8 had been expected to see a variety of substantial mapping improvements, but the service was all however disregarded throughout Apple’s introduction of the upcoming os at its Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Apple’s maps group has supposedly been suffering from problems associated with internal politics and the departure of a number of key members. The issues appear to have actually slowed the team’s development, and hence bigger mapping enhancements initially slated for iOS 8 may instead be pushed back to a later upgrade such as a future iOS 8.1.
Update 3:59 PM: Numerous of the landmarks with Flyover coverage such as Yosemite National forest do also have support for Flyover trips. The feature is somewhat hidden, nevertheless, as users simply panning over to the place should first tap on the landmark’s icon then pick ‘Flyover Trip’ from page that pops up.

Apple is likewise drawing even more attention to the Flyover trip feature with a banner that’s shown when a user specifically looks for a place with tour coverage.
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