It’s the little points in life.

Like, you understand, being able to inform if your key-board is presently readied to use uppercase or not.

With iOS 9, Apple is finally repairing among the platform’s strangest quirks: the keyboard will certainly no more look all caps, all the time.

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If you’re an Android user, or somebody which simply doesn’t consider stuff like this all that considerably, you might have no suggestion exactly what I’m speaking about.

You see, in all builds of iOS hence much, the keyboard always uses funding letters to stand for each secret– whether or not you’ve in fact hit shift or have caps lock on.

That functions well sufficient on bodily key-boards– for the most component, you’re holding the change secret when you desire shift transformed on.

On a touchscreen key-board, where you tap shift rather than hold, it’s not so simple. In some cases you touch shift and also fail to remember, or touch it on crash. Sometimes the keyboard rolls into sight with shift on by default.

To day, iOS has shown you’re in shift/caps lock by changing the color of the shift secret from grey to white. The end result: a lot of “Hesitate. Crap. Shift is grey ‘d out. Does that mean change gets on, or that change is off? The letters are big … so … Oh well, far better tap a trick to test it.”

No more!

iOS 9 is currently in beta, but it’s the first significant iOS beta that is offered for public (read: non-developer) consumption.

[hat pointer to BI for observing this …]