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In the last 3 years, the only times Apple has ever frozen its App Shop positions has actually been over the holidays. So it’s fascinating to note that the company really froze positions for a total amount of 8 hours on Friday, and things still are not rather back to regular in terms of the store’s typical habits and ranking outcomes. The modification to the App Store could potentially suggest either an intentional freeze on Apple’s part or even bandwidth concerns or other insects and problems.

The iOS App Shop did not alter in between 10 a.m. and around 6 p.m. EST on Friday, basically missing the expected update periods at 12 and 3 p.m. EST. On the other hand, the 5:50 p.m. ET modification was small, making it challenging to identify at the time whether it was the resumption of typical activity or simply a short-term blip.

Though the shop has actually now seen task resume over the weekend and into Monday, the modifications in app positions now being observed are still unexpected, with historically highly placed apps dropping 10 spots rather of one, while other formerly ranked leading 20 apps are incapable to achieve ranks higher than 40, in other cases.

The changes, obviously, come at a time when Apple has actually simply released brand-new devices with the iPhone 5s and 5c, whose launches likewise coincided with an upgrade to Apple’s mobile os, iOS 7. With smartphone sales topping analyst expectations at 9 million devices sold with the launch weekend, it hasn’t been smooth cruising for Apple with the launching of its new hardware and software application. For example, Apple’s servers collapsed under launch-day stress last week, as users rushed to set up their brand-new iPhones and download iOS 7. We have likewise heard reports of Apple engineers being employed over the weekend, forced to work non-stop for over 24 hours as problems emerged.

But in addition to bandwidth concerns, there’s the possibility that Apple opted to freeze the App Store rankings from caution to keep positions from fluctuating throughout the huge rush. Mobile app marketing startup Fiksu, which sent an advisory message to customers after spotting the freeze and offered us with more details on these changes, speculates that Apple might’ve likewise been heading off an awaited app marketing rush, just like exactly what takes place around the holiday season. The speculation is that the company might’ve frozen positions in order to avoid manipulation – or even the look of manipulation – of the App Store graphes.

Alternately, it can have also been connected to a push of new App Shop algorithm testing or the finalization of various other modifications to its algorithms, which we reported on last month. The business then started to update app positions every three hours on the consumer-facing App Store, in efforts to avoid publishers from making use of automated ways to game the graphes, as the downturn would provide Apple time to recognize and correct for brief download brokens.

Still, Fiksu keeps in mind that even though overloaded servers have prevailed in previous Apple launch events, the high need hasn’t prior to affected app positions in such a method. But the company states that it’s just too early to tell if the changes are a short-term, volume-based occurrence or are the initial steps involving a more systematic change on Apple’s part.

We are watching on the situation with the App Shop, and will update if we hear more, or if things ever go back to normal – or whatever the ‘brand-new’ regular of the iOS 7 App Shop could be.