The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has actually released a patent filed by Apple back in September 2008 which explains the ‘systems and approaches for saving and recovering scenes in a multimedia system’ (by means of AppleInsider). Patent number 8,519,820, which details Alan Cannistraro, a designer who worked on the original iTunes Remote application for iOS devices, appears to reveal a smart universal remote on a generic Apple device that can link to a variety of audio-visual components around the individual’s house or workplace. The system is likewise efficient in connecting to different ‘wise house’ devices such as thermostats, lights and window blinds utilizing either a wireless network, Bluetooth or a a comparable wireless protocol.

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According to the patent, Apple’s system would permit users to control all their linked gadgets, and would receive signals from each device based on its existing operating state. The system proposed by Apple would instantly acknowledge each gadget, with information being sent over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a similar wireless protocol.

The system can likewise detect individual use patterns and customize the elements to individual requirements. The patent lists an example of a horror film– an individual may desire a certain combination of lighting– and this would be acknowledged by the system. It can also browse a list of pre-defined settings that best fits the category and users will have the choice to either accept or decline a recommendation. The patent also describes a system wherein users can stop and restart media when they move the house– for instance, when they transfer to a space containing an additional tv.

Although the patent was filed back in September 2008, the technology hasn’t yet been carried out on any iOS device. It would also require considerable hardware and software application dedications by the makers of house audio and visual elements, along with the manufacturers of numerous ‘smart house’ devices.