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The headings at the other day’s Apple event were mostly controlled by the new beautiful 5K Retina Display iMac as well as new Apple iPad tablets.

However, you’ll have to refer to the business’s press release and web site to find that it likewise released a brand-new version of OS X server (version 4) and silently retired the Apple Mac mini with OS X server. Google still shows the search engine result for ‘apple mac mini server’ however the page has vanished from Apple’s website.

The new OS X Server 4.0 needs Yosemite – which means that it is most likely to be a ‘superset’ of functions as opposed to an OS by itself – and is available from Mac App Shop for ₤ 13.99 ($19.99, AU$ 21.99).

Apple has likewise presented an updated program for OS X server which allows qualifying Mac mini buyers to get the server OS free of cost. Will Apple ultimately ‘kill’ OS X Server by providing it as a complimentary add-on in the near future? As the French say – c’est possible.

As for the Mac mini, its future may follow 2 distinct courses, either Apple kills it like it did for the Xserve numerous years ago or it will certainly be the next one to be switched from Intel to ARM (like the Apple TELEVISION).

As it stands today, the fact that it has actually cut the cost of the Mac Mini and is placing it as a stand alone desktop (instead of a server), leaves us to believe that that an ARM change is imminent.

The new model supports as much as 1TB of storage rather than 2TB, and It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that while Apple has revealed a 5K Retina Show iMac (essentially an all-in-one PC), it didn’t reveal a stand alone keep an eye on with similar capabilities.