After the– let’s admit it– mostly unsurprising details about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus overall, Apple brought developer Super Evil Megacorp onstage to display the abilities of its new A8 processor. Super Evil Megacorp (who may or could not care if Apple wants to be a ‘force for good’) offered the audience a preview of its game Vainglory, which in fact looks respectable.

According to Phil Schiller, the brand-new processor is 25 percent faster than the A7 chip that Apple debuted in 2013. it receives the footage. Vainglory is a MOBA in the style of popular games like League of Legends and Dota 2, and the processor appears like it can handle the kind of live multiplayer action such games require.


Indeed, Schiller declared that the processor enables around 100 different gamers to appear on the screen at once. That’s the example that would have bogged down an iPhone just a few years ago.

It’s likewise frankly lovely. Vainglory looks much better than some of the video games you’ll see on console services like Xbox Live (albeit with some constraints as regards shading), although it stays to be seen if the group at Super Evil Megacorp did also of a job with the real gameplay. Battery life need to also be an issue. With all that processing power at work and with all those characters on the screen, video games like Vain Splendor could be large battery burners, although Schiller in the very same conversation claimed that the iPhone 6 has comparable or much better battery metrics than the iPhone 5s.

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