Apple may have to conform when it comes to its chargers

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Apple is the type of company that enjoys to do things a little in a different way, but soon that can become illegal in Europe where phone chargers are concerned.

A committee within the European Union Parliament voted unanimously today to develop a law that needs all phone makers to make use of the exact same kind of charger. Tablet chargers might be impacted, as well.

The internal market and consumer security committee said the law will cut down on waste from unused chargers, however provided Apple is among the last phone makers not utilizing microUSB, it’s clear who’d be most affected.

The proposal still should pass the European Council and be approved by Parliament prior to the law can be created, so it’ll still be time prior to anything modifications (if it ever does).

Lightning round

Apple presented its much-hyped Lightning connector with the iPhone 5 in 2012, and it’s become the standard for Apple devices ever since.

The Lightning connector replaced the 30-pin plug that was in use on Apple products for 9 years.

The Lightning connector is simple to utilize due to the fact that it can be plugged in no issue which side is facing up. It also has a smaller footprint, and it charges devices and transfers data more rapidly than the old port.

But it made lots of old iPhone and iPod add-ons incompatible with more recent Apple devices, aggravating lots of Apple individuals.

A switch to the standard of microUSB would likely temper Apple fans further, especially because microUSB, while almost universal at this point, is inferior to Lightning in the majority of ways.

Apple has solved this problem in the past with adapters, but if the law enters result it can be required to reconsider its technique.