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The Rockstar consortium is an organization backed by Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Ericsson and Sony. It acquired patents off of the defunct telecommunications business Nortel in 2011, in a bidding battle with Google.

Now, the consortium has filed fit versus Google, ASUSTek, HTC, Huawei, LG, Pantech and ZTE over those patents. The match was filed in a UNITED STATE Area Court of Eastern Texas today.

‘Google put a preliminary proposal of $900,000,000 for the patents-in-suit and the rest of the Nortel portfolio. Google consequently enhanced its bid numerous times, ultimately bidding as high as $4.4 billion,’ the declaring states. ‘That cost wanted to win the auction, as a team led by the present shareholders of Rockstar purchased the profile for $4.5 billion. Despite losing in its attempt to obtain the patents-in-suit at auction, Google has infringed and continues to infringe the patents-in-suit.’

Google famously bid some not-so-random numbers prior to the end, consisting of ‘pi’. The suit also includes a licensee of the ‘Associative Online search engine’ 6,098,065 patent, NetStar, Inc.

The various other patents are US 7,236,969, 7,469,245, 7,672,970, 7,895,178, 7,895,183 and 7,933,883. They are primarily relatively dry things associated with data source searches, importance in advertising presentation and information arranging, however precisely the kind of stuff that makes Google’s special sauce work. We can’t talk to the strength of the patents, but they certainly seem appropriate.

Google lost in a heated bidding war against Rockstar and went on to acquire Motorola, a move that numerous attributed to a patent grab, however that was also about hardware in a lot of ways.

Notably, HTC has a cross-licensing contract with Apple on some patents, but obviously not these. Information of the match was initially reported by Reuters today.