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iPad Pro individuals running the iOS 9.3 beta have discovered that a significant attribute is missing from the Apple Pencil. Originally the Apple stylus was capable of replacing an individual’s finger to navigate iOS. The Apple Pencil could be used to choose choices as well as food selections in applications, open applications, swipe in between apps, select content and also so on, however some of these functions have been removed in the iOS 9.3 beta. The Apple Pencil is no much longer with the ability of choosing and also adjusting text or scrolling on devices running Apple’s upgraded operating system. Individuals initially believed this was a pest in the beta, however on Monday Relay.fm co-founder Myke Hurley (through MacRumors) reported that the change could be willful and also irreversible.

Hurley claimed on a current podcast that ‘resources in the understand validate that eliminating the capability of the Apple Pencil is a choice within Apple. It is not an insect they have overlooked for three betas. It is a decision.’

If true, it is unknown why Apple has gotten rid of the capability, but the decision is not making iPad Pro individuals really delighted. MacRumors discussion forum individuals have already developed a string titled, ‘That below will not be upgrading to 9.3 due to problems with the pencil?’ And a number of journalists have actually already created viewpoint pieces criticizing the extraction of the attributes.

Serenity Caldwell of iMore stated eliminating performance that users have actually grown familiar with ‘is a considerable favorite to functionality and total experience,’ and also Jim Lynch of CIO concurs with him, calling it a ‘dumb decision’ on Apple’s part.

Apple is still dealing with the final variation of iOS 9.3, which suggests absolutely nothing is set in rock and also they still have time to change their minds as well as keep all of the Apple Pencil navigation functions.