Apple has actually filed a license application hinting that the business can be functioning on modular wise bands for the Apple Watch, allowing individuals to add functions such as wireless billing battery packs and GENERAL PRACTITIONERS receivers to an existing timepiece (through AppleInsider).
The application, entitled ‘Modular practical band web links for wearable devices’, was published the other day by the UNITED STATE Patent as well as Hallmark Office and also information strap makes with ingrained digital gadgets that connect using the Apple Watch’s diagnostics port.
Rather compared to building facility elements into the Apple Watch framework, the layouts recommend damaging effective units out into a variety of different watch band ‘links’ that could function serially or in parallel.
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A variety of Apple Watch accessories with added capability are described in the patent, including batteries, screens, cpus, power generators, GENERAL PRACTITIONER sensing units, cameras, thermostats, blood pressure sensors, sweat sensing units and also speakers.
Arranged as web links, the components would certainly connect per various other as well as to the 6-pin diagnostics port on the Apple Watch. In many cases, links also function as an outside port for accepting digital components, such as a SIM card or powered memory module.
Even prior to the launch of the Apple Watch, the incorporation of a diagnostics port on the gadget sustained supposition that Apple is preparing to bring smart band accessories to market at some factor in the future. Nonetheless, if the patent is indicative of upcoming Apple Watch items, such a substantial extension of performance would certainly much more likely be kept back for addition in a second-generation device. Apple Watch 2 is anticipated to release later in the year.
Apple revitalized its Apple Watch schedule on March 21, 2016, introducing new springtime colors in yellows, blues, as well as pinks, in addition to brand-new Nylon Apple Watch bands.