Apple patent hints at by-passing iOS passcode when you are in a 'safe' place

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A recently filed Apple patent suggests the company is preparing a brand-new iOS device that’d enable users to by-pass the security locks when they are in an appointed place.

The clever lock would enable users to access their phones without utilizing Touch ID and pass code settings when they are in familiar environments, such as home, work or in the vehicle.

The Wi-Fi or GPS-based tech would adjust the security settings relying on where the user is.

According to the patent filing, different levels of security would be needed in various environments. For a regularly gone to location like the grocery store, a passcode or fingerprint confirmation would be needed. In an unfamiliar place or a congested place, increased security settings might be enacted.

Just like Android L

‘Since some areas could be inherently more safe, such as a user’s office or home, these areas might be thought about ‘safe’ and need less rigid security,’ Apple described in its patent application.

‘It can be desirable to have actually minimized security requirements when the mobile gadget is at a protected area. Conversely, some areas might be considered greater danger or ‘unsecure.’ In these areas, it can be preferable to implement stronger security protections.’

The function, must it make its means into iOS in honest versions, would equal Google’s recently-unveiled ‘Individual Opening’ function for Android L.

That’ll likewise permit users to skip pattern open or passcodes when in trusted environments or when the gadget identifies an Android Put on smartwatch.