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Apple has actually secured a new patent (through AppleInsider) for an unique 3 sensor cam designed for thin, cordless gadgets like the apple iphone. The 3 sensing units would certainly each record a different color component, as separated by a special light-splitting dice that would certainly divide up light going into the electronic camera into red, eco-friendly and also blue (or other shade collection) wavelengths.

Why? Much better resolution as well as reduced noise since they don’t need special filters or formulas to divide out the color info of a caught graphic on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Using this tech, Apple would possibly have the ability to boost the image high quality of its mobile cameras, especially in video production capture scenarios.

This would certainly be a a lot more pricey modern technology to carry out vs. current apple iphone camera varieties, as well as its component parts would likely additionally take up more area inside the case, something Apple normally wants to avoid. However more exact shades and better low-light efficiency may cancel those disadvantages, depending upon how significantly Apple could minimize the parts required.

Apple has actually been pressing its electronic camera tech even more with each successive generation of the iPhone, seeing to it that it remains normally considered amongst the most effective mobile phone cameras available. It’s the most-used camera in the world, baseding on Flickr’s statistics, as well as it’s not unusual to see them looking means to remain to push their lead.