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The silent disco is a recent trend that sees people using headsets to come together and enjoy a show silently while in a shared space, and a brand-new Apple patent appears to want to take advantage of this rather off-beat trend to promote a new kind of music sharing. The patent, released today by the USPTO and identified by AppleInsider, explains an approach for a group of individuals to share songs and groove along together quietly as well as from another location, at the impulse of a distant DJ.

This is certainly one of the more bizarre patents Apple has actually gotten, and appears rather a bit outside their comfort area in regards to something we will actually see in a shipping product, however on the other hand it’s a method to drive music sales and downloads, which has seen Apple attempt some of its more unusual item launches including Ping, iTunes Match and the upcoming iTunes Radio. The supposed ‘worked with songs experience’ described in Apple’s patent would make use of ad hoc, Bluetooth, cellular or Wi-Fi networking to link numerous individuals, with one working as the DJ.

Others in the listening celebration might hear the exact same tune as the DJ, or can hear tracks compared based on tempo, category or various other aspects of similarity, drawn from their own library in cases where not everyone has access to the exact same tracks. Other features consist of sharing of avatars and other user details for a social network kind experience, a screen of the beats-per-minute currently being made use of by tracks in the team, and turning DJs amongst team members, Turntable. fm design.

Again, this is a rather out-there patent that is not really most likely to make its method to shipping products anytime in the instant future. But it’s an example of Apple’s idea procedure around iTunes and digital media, the focus is on concepts and inventions that assist to advertise music discovery, which in turn assists to promote music sales via the iTunes Store. This particular development could’ve been the product of a time when the ‘Quiet Nightclub’ sensation was especially present in the collective consciousness, however that does not imply a shared listening experience won’t someday make its way to Apple devices.