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The legendary Apple television set is still a fable, lo these long times after it first was whispered into the waiting ear of an expert or blog writer, however today Apple has actually secured a brand-new patent (through AppleInsider) which can renew interest in reports of Apple’s television plans, because it describes an iPhone-based remote system for totally setting up a house theater system customized to specific types of material, moods and styles.

Apple’s multimedia system/smart home-type remote would be able to remember, shop and set things like lighting, channels, music and window shades as well as set stereo components like amplifiers and even more to wanted setups. It’s essentially a Logitech Consistency universal remote, with setups like ‘Watch a film’ or ‘Play a game’ extremely just like those readily available on Logitech’s highly adjustable home theater control gadgets, but with a lot more options and features thrown into the mix, and a control scheme that encompasses linked house devices, which can conceivably include things like Philips Hue connected lighting system.

The system likewise has actually some neat automated elements, like suggesting styles and whole house setups based upon metadata associated with content being watched. This suggests that you do not need to take a seat with intent aforehand to watch something and choose the appropriate style– while you are browsing or network surfing, and if you take place to light upon something you appear to like, the system can suggest a suitable mode to choose it. So if you get drawn into Spartacus, for instance, Apple’s iPhone-based multimedia concierge could offer to change your system over to the concept setting for classic legendaries with a single tap.

Apple’s patent appears to be created to work with content sources consisting of broadcast tv, since it contains an arrangement for waiting for a commercial break prior to it even offers up any kind of scene pointers at all, so it could certainly be consisted of in any kind of over-the-top service that the Mac maker could’ve in the hopper. The patent application itself is numerous years old, which could be reason enough to suspect this concept has actually been shelved, but at the time of its initial declaring it also would have looked a lot more sci-fi than it does offered today’s technology.