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Apple announced during its WWDC keynote that iOS 7 will finally bring support for third-party game controllers, and the Cupertino business has actually followed that up with a brand-new set of standards which detail a requirement for iOS and OS X game controllers.

The paper is designed to make sure all game developers are working with the same specs, so no issue who your favorite title was developed by, it needs to be compatible with your controller.

The guide, which is available to registered developers with the Apple Dev Center, was first discovered by TouchArcade. It includes 2 controllers created by Apple ‘to make sure that all the controllers have constant sets of control elements that both players and game designers can depend on.’

By publishing guidelines like these, Apple can help developers adjust their titles for a specific controller design, which means you should not need special controllers for various games. Once you have bought one controller, then, you ought to have the ability to play all of your games with it– offering they support a physical controller, obviously.

iOS already supports game controllers, of course. However not all developers are following the same standards, so you often need to buy a number of controllers to play games from different developers.

Apple information 2 controllers in its standards– one that fits around an iOS gadget, and one that wirelessly connects to an iOS device or Mac, and can be made use of at a distance. Apple also explains how each one must be linked and made use of with games.

Apple likewise mentions that game controllers must be optional, so if a developer composes a game that supports a physical control pad, it needs to likewise support virtual controls too– so that it can be played by users that don’t possess a controller.

‘Controllers need to enhance gameplay– they mustn’t be required,’ it says.

The standards prompt at the possibility of game controllers becoming part of Apple’s Produced iPhone/iPad program, much like other iOS accessories. That indicates you might one day investment controllers that have been approved by Apple, safe in the knowledge that they follow its standards, and need to for that reason be completely suitable with your games.