Apple has silently enhanced the cost of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c in France, reports [Google Translate] The 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions of the iPhone Fives are now priced at 709EUR, 811EUR, and 917EUR, up from 699EUR, 799EUR, and 899EUR respectively.

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New (top) and old (bottom) iPhone 5s pricing in France
Meanwhile, the cost of iPhone 5c in the country has actually increased to 609EUR from 599EUR for the 16GB model, with the 32GB model now priced at 711EUR, up from 699EUR.

Apple launched both phones in France and the first wave of nations on September 20, however it vague why the business has actually raised rates in the nation just weeks after launch. The business doesn’t appear to be citing any boosts in taxes being applied in the country, although France is set up to carry out a small boost in VAT on January 1. The modification also doesn’t appear to be a basic exchange rate adjustment, as other countries such as Germany that likewise utilize the euro haven’t seen any increase.

The quiet rate increases are likewise not the only ones as of late for the business, as Apple likewise quietly raised the rates of Mac mini models in multiple nations last month.
Update: suggests [Google Translate] that Apple could be passing along to customers a tax levied on certain items to compensate for private copying on music and other content. Such levies are utilized in particular countries on numerous kinds of recordable media and storage gadgets to balance out unwinded copyright laws permitting personal copying of media, and in some cases as payment offsetting illegal file sharing. There do not, nevertheless, appear to have actually been any recent changes to that tax rate in France, and thus it’s unclear why Apple has raised its rates at this time.