Boating as well as navigation app SeaNav US stated today that Apple is no longer inviting the app on the App Establishment because of the mention of Stone support, or ‘any type of other mobile system’, within the app’s description.
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SeaNav notes that its iOS app has been recently approved by Apple without hassle, and also have just encountered obstructions after getting the denial email today. The app supported Stone for ‘almost 2 years’ just before today, and also the firm claims the application’s latest update has ‘no changes to our support for the Pebble’, hinting that the approaching launch of the Apple Watch could be the main offender of the suppression on SeaNav.

We have actually merely had the latest variation of our SeaNav US iOS application turned down by Apple since we support the Pebble Smartwatch and also say so in the app description and meta-data (we also explain in the testimonial keeps in mind that ‘This application was authorized for usage suffering from the Pebble MFI Device in the Product Strategy xxxxxx-yyyy (Pebble Smartwatch)’. See duplicate of denial reason below.

SeaNav US has actually previously been authorized by Apple without problem, we have had Pebble support in SeaNav for nearly 2 years and also there are no adjustments to our support for the Stone in this variation. What are Apple doing? Have they gone Apple Watch insane? What could we do?

App Store review standard 3.1 has actually covered the restriction on mentioning contending platforms for a long time, but till now developers have typically not had concerns suffering from Apple denying apps for discussing Stone support. Suffering from the Apple Watch ready to release, however, Pebble could now be considered a contending platform.

Apple has actually been understood to deal promptly suffering from applications it considers doubtful on the App Shop in the previous, yet today’s information is absolutely interesting given the factor for denial as well as the launch of the Apple Watch tomorrow. SeaNav United States should be able to resubmit the application after eliminating all points out of the Stone smartwatch from its advertising materials as well as App Store page, yet it absolutely leaves an interesting concern for the future of Pebble-supported iOS applications, specifically Pebble’s committed iOS app, assuming SeaNav’s denial was not the result of a reviewer misconstruing Apple’s intended application of the guidelines.
Update 9:32 AM: The developer of Home Remote notes in the Pebble conversation thread that he had an upgrade approved really last night. Pebble is pointed out in his app’s description, so it continues to be vague whether SeaNav’s rejection belongs to a certain shift in policy for Apple.