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Over the last few days, we have been hearing reports of people having problems with iMessages, on both the receiving and sending ends. The complaints have actually expanded in volume and frequency and we started asking about the problem the other day.

Today, Apple tells us that the problem is impacting a ‘portion of a percent’ of iMessage users, though that appears to include a huge piece of our timeline, anecdotally. Apple likewise says that it’s working on a repair for these concerns that’ll be available in a future update. Apple repairs bugs and issues on a ‘point launch’ basis as it’s to, pushing out software updates that may have nothing else significant modifications.

If there’s one conclusion that we can draw from this statement, it’s that the software application vermin is in iOS, not on Apple’s servers. If it were, it would’ve the ability to repair it without a software patch. This might be why Apple’s iCloud system status page has actually continued to reveal a green light for iMessage. The system is working, it’s the client that isn’t.

Here’s the complete statement from Apple:

We’re aware of a concern that impacts a portion of a percent of our iMessage individuals, and we’ll have a fix available in an upcoming software upgrade. In the meantime, we urge any individuals having troubles to reference our troubleshooting documents or contact AppleCare to assist solve their concern. We apologize for any trouble this causes impacted users.

If you want a quicker repair, the technique spelled out in this support paper has actually been working for some users getting sending out errors. Generally you toggle iMessage off then utilize the Reset Network Settings function of iOS to clear activation. Turning iMessage back on re-authenticates your device with iMessage. And this repair seems temporary, going by some of the chatter we are seeing on Twitter.

A even more permanent repair will have to await the software application update.

If you are the kind of person that wonders why we publish about iMessage conditions or outages, then this could be an excellent read. Apple is a services company with and with, even if it’s in support of its hardware. Individuals find out to depend on those services and are seriously inconvenienced, if not worse, when they are unavailable. Yes, iMessage has a text fallback, however there are certain cases where that’s not readily available, and no modern backbone service must’ve to depend on a 20-year-old backup strategy to save its bacon.