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In a new patent filing published by the USPTO today (by means of AppleInsider), Apple describes a system for setting essentially an ‘Away/Available/Busy’ style condition for getting call on a smartphone gadget, however one that updates stated condition smartly and instantly utilizing data collected about the gadget and its setups.

So the basic premise is this: Just like you can on Skype and most IM services, you ‘d be able to display a condition to contacts that’d suggest whether you are available to field a call or not, which might prevent humiliating minutes like having your phone either ring or buzz loudly while in a conference.

The system would take into account user preferences, determining what details it can share as set by a user, and filter incoming calls against a phone’s contact list to assist preserve personal privacy prior to sharing any details. But then it can do things like send out the inbound caller info about whether the individual has the ringer switched on or readied to vibrate, their present area, the strength of their present signal and their device’s continuing to be battery life.

The patent is not a lot about letting a user set their own universal condition for all incoming calls (which appears quite beneficial), however instead about letting them set and forget preferences around simply how much they are willing to share and with who, and letting the automated system do the rest.

This is one of a variety of patents that Apple has actually submitted detailing modifications to the important phone operations of a smartphone gadget, which would alter the calling experience in a substantial method. Incorporated with iMessage, you could see how Apple could further modify standard in and outbound communication experiences with developments like these.

On the other hand, enabling your phone to instantly send information about you’d be a huge pill to ingest for the majority of in regards to personal privacy concerns. Apple can present this system, however it would be much more beneficial to create a system that basically just enables an individual to set a status instant messenger design to instantly be displayed in the Contacts app of other individuals.