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Apple sent a set of slick Mac Pro posters to at least one reporter today. BITS author Jeff Carlson recieved a long black tube with 4 Mac Pro images as posters in it today. Various other reporters like CNET’s Scott Stein (Photo by Dan Ackerman) and Dallas Morning Information’ Jim Rossman also got the posters.

Apple sends printed material from time to time to advertise products. It recently sent out journos a packet of information and a poster on the App Store’s 5th anniversary.

The posters emphasize various elements of the Mac Pro’s design like its thermal venting, external case and custom silicon. There’s likewise a message inscribed on one of the posters:

It’s the computer we were ridiculous to construct. The one that turns conventional thinking on its head, then kicks the living $# & % out of it. We challenged all our presumptions. Abandoned our preconceptions. And blew away restriction after limitation. This is the new Mac Pro. It resembles no Mac we have developed previously. And we can’t wait to see what you develop with it.

Here are the posters sent out to Stein:

Here’s one of Carlson’s set:

You can head right here to see all of the images on Carlson’s Flickr account.

We got an opportunity to have a look at the Mac Pro briefly at Apple’s event last week but couldn’t inform you a lot more about it however that it’s pretty warm.