Apple slams Samsung with key victory in ongoing patent dispute

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Samsung and Apple will litigate – once again – and Apple is already coming out ahead in pre-trial procedures.

Judge Lucy Koh, who’s been dealing with the business’ bickering for several years, has provided Apple two success versus Samsung as their March trial approaches.

One relates to an autocorrect patent held by Apple, Koh identified that Samsung’s Android smartphones like the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note, which utilize a system that guesses which words users are typing and displays its assumptions in actual time, do borrow on it.

Samsung will now have to prove that Apple’s patent is void in order to win in March.

Autocorrect this

The various other blow relates to a Samsung patent for syncing media in between gadgets, which Judge Koh ruled to be invalid.

She apparently agreed with Apple’s arguments that the Samsung-owned patent included too little to systems that existed before it to be considered valid.

That methods Samsung will have only 4 claims delegated fight over when the March trial arrives.

Alternatively, Apple and Samsung might find a solution when they fight independently in February, though thinking about exactly how meaningless their settlement talks have been in the past it’s most likely this case will go to trial in March.

One of a kind

It’s also emerged just recently that Apple has been firmly insisting that any settlement it reaches with Samsung needs to consist of an anti-cloning provision.

What this means is that Samsung would be avoided from ‘copying’ Apple items in the future.

Considering this years-long battle is at least partly based upon Samsung’s assertion that it doesn’t copy Apple products, we are thinking that has not gone over well with the Korean company.