Apple slaps muzzle on HMV dog, nukes new app for enabling MP3 downloads

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Apple has actually eliminated HMVs brand-new iOS app from the App Store after it refused to comply with a request to get rid of contested MP3 download feature.

The songs store’s new app was launched on October 17 and was especially noteworthy as it was only portal since iTunes to provide music downloads on Apple’s own iOS gadgets from within the app.

However, it soon emerged that this wasn’t a step purposely approved by Apple, however an uncommon oversight from company’s notoriously exhaustive application approval team.

Apple provided HMV till 6pm on Monday evening to get rid of the feature, store declined to do so, and now, pointing out a violation of the App Store guidelines, Apple has actually briefly suspended the app.


‘It’s frustrating that Apple has decided to suspend an app that’s shown to be very effective in only a few short days despite Apple having actually currently authorized the exact same variation on 15th September,’ stated HMV chairman Paul McGowen, who stated Apple got hump after app passed 5,000 downloads.

‘We’re incapable to explain change in Apple’s position as we’ve actually been offered no explanation by them as to any distinction they see in between approved variation and the one suspended this evening.’

HMV stated it was working to recover the app to an acceptable state, while Apple verified to Guardian it had suspended the app under clause 11.13 of the App Store standards.

That rule reviews: ‘Apps using IAP to buy physical items or goods and services utilized outside of application will be rejected.’ So that’s that. Here we were thinking Apple had gone soft in its seniority …