Apple is establishing a 17-watt power adapter for an unidentified product, reports AppleInsider. At 17 watts, the adapter makes use of slightly more power than the existing iPad (12 watts) however significantly less than the MacBook Air (45 watts). It also uses even more power than the iPhone or the Apple TELEVISION, which deliver with 5-watt and 6-watt adapters, respectively.

People acquainted with the issue state Apple simply recently began the process of procuring affordable parts for the brand-new 17-watt adapter. And while the specific nature of its moms and dad product continues to be rather of an unknown, a minimum of a single person knowledgeable about adapter’s design believes existing proof indicate be a mobile product which could launch within the next 12 months.

It’s also stated that the new 17-watt adapter isn’t intended as an upgrade to an existing Apple product line, such as the anticipated fifth-generation iPad. That device is instead anticipated to deliver with the same 12-watt adapter.

Though a 17-watt adapter could presumably be made use of for any number of Apple items consisting of the existing iPad, its small increase in wattage might prompt at a bigger iPad. With a 5-watt adapter for the iPhone and a 12-watt adapter for the 9.7-inch iPad, 17 watts is at the right size to power a prospective 13-inch iPad.

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Concept rendering of the 13-inch iPad

News of a bigger ‘iPad Maxi’ first surfaced in Might, and was followed up by a report from The Wall Street Journal suggesting Apple and its suppliers were checking bigger displays for both the iPad and the iPhone. The larger iPad reportedly determines slightly less than 13 inches diagonally.

The iPads in question were prototypes, nonetheless, and Apple produces and tests a large range of products that never make it to market. It’s unclear if the company will release a larger iPad to the public, but such an iPad would be comparable in size to a MacBook Air.

There’s no sign that Apple has plans to launch a 13-inch iPad in the near future, but the business is gearing up to launch both a Retina iPad mini and a fifth-generation iPad with slimmer bevels and a thinner design later on this year.